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HaDong Chrysanthemum TEA

HaDong Chrysanthemum TEA

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Taste Introduction:

These are Floral Teas from Hadong, South Korea

Taste: Cool, Light, Floral, Nourishing

Yang Energy

Chrysanthemums welcome autumn with their hardiness and colors, making them a popular flower for colder seasons in the U.S.  Although uncommon as a tea in the western hemisphere, the Chrysanthemum tea originated in China around the 12th century.  The Chrysanthemum flower has been a symbol of good luck , happiness, and longevity, often symbolizing “the mother” in many cultures. This much beloved flower eventually became the symbol for the Japanese emperor’s official crest.  Unlike many other herbal teas, which use only the leaves of a plant, the chrysanthemum tea is brewed with the actual flower. This tea is highly loved by naturopaths as it has many benefits and years of history for its benefits.

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Benefits of Chrysanthemum Tea

Aids in Relaxing the Nerves

Tea is known to help relax people after a long day. With chrysanthemum tea there are nutrients within the tea that can induce calmness by releasing powerful antioxidants and minerals. The release of this mineral rich tea can help regulate your body into eliminating unnecessary stress hormones that might have accumulated throughout the day.

Helps Heart Health

Chrysanthemum tea can aid in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels. There are many studies stating that the potent potassium content in chrysanthemum tea is the reason for this tea being a long term preventative aid against different cardiovascular disorders.

Rich in Antioxidants to help with inflammation

Chrysanthemum tea is the most effective against throat and lung inflammation. It can sooth sore throats caused by the flu as well as aid in congestion.

Helps reduce redness in skin

The large amount of beta-carotene (vitamin A) in the chrysanthemum tea can help clear up skin irritations, redness, as well as help calm eczema flair ups and symptoms in psoriasis. While reducing the signs of aging, the beta-carotene can also aid in improving eye health.

Aids in chronic illness

There are many illness caused by plague accumulation and bodily oxidations caused by stress. The antioxidants help keep free radicals from building up within the body and reduce cellular mutations. Which helps with reducing inflammation caused by bodily toxins. The high levels of vitamin C and A also help stimulate the production of white blood cells, which can effectively boost the immune system.

Increases Metabolism

The Chrysanthemum tea helps break down oily and fatty foods so it can processed easily by the body. There are many types of vitamin B; such as folic acid (B9), niacin (B3), and riboflavin (B2). Vitamin Bs are the hardest vitamins to find in out current food market, which is why there are an increasing amount of vitamin B deficiencies appearing now. These vitamins help with bodily functions such as managing hormone levels, circulations, and neurotransmitter activity.


People severely allergic to Ragweed or daisies should avoid this tea.