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Tastes of Tea was started in 2011 with one idea in mind . . . to bring the tea flavors of South Korea to the tables of the U.S.  This is our vision and a mission we re-visit with every employee, with every partner and in every strategic meeting we have.    

Since 2011, we have completely rebranded our Korean brands to make them more accessible for U.S. consumers, created a completely new tea brand based on “low-bitter” hops and developed technology to improve the evaluation of both organic and CBD teas. 

We are planning our own manufacturing of small batch tea/CBD extracts, small batch matcha services and packaging capabilities that provide smaller producers with opportunity to expand their reach to a broader, commercial audience.


Katie Insoon Park (CEO)

Growing up in lavish countryside of Korea, tea wasn’t just a trade but an experience that included tea rituals dating back more than 1000 years.  Variety also spanned unique tastes that included the world’s finest green teas to rare offerings such as Red Ginseng, Jujube and Burdock and Raisin fruit.  Bringing these unique tastes from the fields of South Korea to the homes of North America was the passion behind creating “Tastes of Tea”.     

Katie Insoon Park (CEO) has earned the distinction as a Master Tea Curator with recognition from the Green Tea Institute of Hadong County, South Korea.  Katie has also earned recognition from as operating is business of “Premier Excellence” as recognized from the Atlanta Korean American Association, since 2012.

Since establishing the company in 2011, Katie Insoon Park (CEO) has been working to promote Korean-focused tea, herb and beverages to wholesalers, groceries and tea shops throughout North America.  Expending her horizons, Katie Insoon Park (CEO) has developed a gourmet brand of tea-chocolates and is produces the only commercial line of “hops bred tea” in North America beginning early 2019.

Tony Baldwin

Tony currently operates as VP of Sales & Operations for Tastes of Tea, with responsibilities for all sales and technical operations world-wide.  With a background largely focused on software engineering and technology, Tony joined Tastes of Tea as Interim CIO in September 2017, but now has an expanded role for managing all Sales and Operations.

With experience limited to traditional teas of China and the U.S., introduction to teas from South Korea was inspiring.  While Tastes of Tea is still focused on the introduction of South Korean teas to the U.S. market, Tony has also expanded import relationship to India and Sri Lanka. 

Tony’s passion is to leverage the very best technologies and cloud strategies to the tea and CBD industries.  This is exemplified by the recent release of the first commercial “tasting application” designed to support tea and CBD professionals in measuring tea quality.

Tony is also a drone enthusiast that enjoys using drones as an instrument to teach students entering college mathematics, physics, and industrial applications.

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