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While there is a huge demand CBD teas, few ask “What CBD genres are used in your CBD tea blends?  As artisans of commercial tea, we first begin with premier, organic herbs and tea extracts.  Then, we prefer Golden Kush as our CBD base blended by Master CBD Craftsman, Paul Higgs. 

K-Tea Brand CBD Tea with Distinction

Quality CBD – Milling Process – Unique Blends

We begin producing CBD tea with pure leaves that have not been reduced by cheaper blends or milled with stalks and stems. Very few commercial producers want to disclose their CBD contents. We are proud of our ingredients and confident in using the finest natural fruits, herbs contests to make finely crafted CBD teas.
Quality CBD milling has obvious visual impact but likely higher tasteful delivery delivering a vibrant, untethered clarity to our CBD teas. It is said that “The mill of the God’s grinds ever so slowly but ever so fine.” We embrace this precept in using Korean milling methods used and refined for over 1200 years.
We work directly with CBD producers and Master Tea Craftsmen that work in concert to deliver award winning CBD teas that meet the highest standards and quality in the industry. Trust our Korean tea culinary expertise that has spanned 1200 years.


Our first CBD tea experience was in 2018 when we were sent a sample of CBD, asked to steep it for 3 minutes and provide thoughts on possibilities for a commercial tea.  The health benefits and commercial  following seemed appealing.  However, like our Hops Tea, dropping CBD and a few random ingredients into a bag wasn’t a path we wanted to pursue.

In 2020 we were introduced to Paul Higgs of Teddy Bear Farms, a CBD Master Craftsman and pioneer in the field of CBD product innovation.  Paul stirred our passions to create quality CBD teas when most wanted to capitalize with a substandard CBD product. 

In 2021, we released our first K-Tea brand of CBD teas that we hope begins a tradition of quality teas through families that started tea cultivation in Korea over 1200 years ago with the families that restoring families with U.S. grown and cultivated CBD teas today. 


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Chamomile Calm

Chamomile Calm – provides elements for relaxing, restorative rest.  Chamomile’s popularity dates back to the Egyptians and Ancient Romans who enjoyed the sweet flower’s tea for relaxation.  In addition, the restful drink features Linden leaf and Blackberry leaf, each hugely popular in folk medicine. Along with nutritional content, these herbs also promote rest, relaxation, and recharging the spirit.

CBD Tea Health FactAlong with the well-recognized calming effects of CBD in concert with Chamomile, our Chamomile Pillow may support lowering blood sugar.  In one study, 64 participants that consumed chamomile tea three times a day after meals for eight weeks saw a statistically significant decrease in markers for diabetes as well as total cholesterol compared to people who drank water. It also exhibited some anti-obesity activity. Click here to read more..

Hibiscus heaven

Hibiscus Heaven – captures the lasting savor with similar profiles as ripe cranberries.  While maintaining sour notes from its naturally tart flavor, flights of lemon grass and stevia even the sour stance and allows for an, lifting drink that can lift the spirit.  Hibiscus Tea is high in vitamin C and can promote a healthy immune system.

CBD Health Fact – Interestingly, studies have shown that hibiscus may promote liver health and help keep it working efficiently.  One study in 19 overweight people found that taking hibiscus extract for 12 weeks improved liver steatosis.  This condition is characterized by the accumulation of fat in the liver, which can lead to liver failure.  Another animal study reported that giving rats hibiscus extract increased the concentration of several drug-detoxifying enzymes in the liver by up to 65%. Click here to read more..

Berry savor

Berry Savor – has tones as Hibiscus Heaven, the raspberry and lemon balm infusions into this CBD tea blend provide the berry tones to have presence and lasting flavor.  The lemon balm engagement with CBD also releases “terpenes” that are known to be natural substances that relax the muscles.  While Hibiscus Heaven is more of a morning “lift” tea, Berry Savor is a great evening drink for relaxation. 

CBD Tea Health FactKetones in our Berry Savor have been known to cause fat cells to be broken down more effectively, helping your body burn fat faster as well as reduce habitual food urges.  They are also claimed to increase levels of adiponectin, a hormone that helps to regulate metabolism. Click here to read more..

mint dream

Mint Dream – is a definite prescription for anyone with digestive pain or discomfort.  Mint has been found in pyramids as far back as 1000 B.C. and has since been used in numerous medicinal ointments, tinctures, and various consumable remedies.  Obviously, this tea maintains unique mint notes but is a coordinated marriage of peppermint and spearmint in along with the subtle hint of CBD that promotes gentle digestion and restful sleep.

CBD Tea Health Fact – Peppermint oils found in our Mint Kiss contain a compound called menthol, thought to help alleviate IBS symptoms through its relaxing effects on the muscles of the digestive tract.  One study found that 75% of patients who took peppermint oil for four weeks showed improvements in IBS symptoms, compared to 38% of the patients in the placebo group. Click here to read more..

chai alive

Chai Alive – is a spice tea that earns distinct flavor from its Darjeeling tea foundation.  Darjeeling tea is a black tea that contains higher caffeine content than most teas, making it a great morning or afternoon boost.   To temper the robust Darjeeling tangent, we have added ginger, clove, nutmeg, and vanilla that offers a balanced but complex delivery.  Many tea lovers add a hint of milk or cream to Chai tea for added smoothness

CBD Tea Health Fact – Chai tea contains a high number of powerful antioxidants known as polyphenols that help to eliminate free radicals.  Free radicals have been linked to chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s as well as many types of cancer.  Chai tea also has more polyphenols than most fruits and vegetables, meaning that drinking chai tea daily can help protect overall cell health. Click here to read more..

pumpkin chai

Pumpkin Chai – emerging from the bold flavor of Assam tea, Pumpkin Chai offers a deep, rich taste that is associated with most Chai teas but teased with the spicy lift of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and allspice.  This is truly a “memory beverage” that returns me to fall, football and pumpkin pie and Thanksgiving tastes and aromas.  Pumpkin Chai falls into a category of breakfast teas that are bold and rich in flavor.     

CBD Tea Health Fact – Assam Tea, foundational in Pumpkin Chai is a rich source of polyphenols, i.e., plant-based antioxidants such as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), theaflavins (TFs), thearubigins (TRs), and several other flavonoids.  Compared with other teas, Assam tea has the highest caffeine content, containing on average about 80 mg of caffeine per 235 ml. Click here to read more..

coconut rice

Coconut Rice – offers a light, fruity tea with coconut accents that are forged from Genmaicha tea.  Many legends surround Genmaicha tea and with story that is told in Japan is that it comes from a folk custom of roasting leftover kagami-mochi, a kind of rice cake that is eaten during the New Year.  Toasted coconut, rose, lemongrass, and pineapple hints round out this CBD tea delight.     

CBD Tea Health Fact – When we experience blood sugar spikes or crashes, we feel irritable and may have unhealthy food cravings or fatigue, sometimes referred to as ‘being hungry.  Genmaicha works to balance blood sugar levels, which makes it a safe tea to drink for diabetics. If craving unhealthy foods or snacks, drink a cup of our Coconut Rice tea that may help curb these cravings. Click here to read more..

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