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Hops Tea

Our unique hops tea begins with one of the world’s finest “low-bitter” hop breeds in the world, using a rare strain of hops known as Tea Maker that was specifically cultivated for low alpha delivery. Ripe with hops notes, we have blended each of our organic teas the finest herbs and ingredients that have been specially crafted by our Master Tea Craftsman and World-Renowned Artisan, Scott Svihula.

K-Tea Brand Hops Tea is Unique

Tea Maker – Milling – Unique Blends

Teamaker Hops
Teamaker is a hop variety unlike any other. It has the lowest alpha acid content of any commercially available variety. This high beta-to-alpha ratio means, while Teamaker is not bitter, it is highly aromatic and still has all the antibacterial and health benefits of other hop varieties.
Quality Milling Process
Our unique Teamaker hops and milling processes elevate palitary delivery.  However, we felt the brand was empty without the creation of blends targeting areas of health.

As a result, we pronounced our blends specific health support through our select potpourri of herbs and spices. Health is, indeed, the inspiration behind our inaugural development of 7 unique blends of hops tea.
Unique Hops Tea Blends
Our Teamaker hops and milling processes elevate the palitary experience.  However, we felt our brand was empty without the creation of blends, targeting specific areas of health naturally addressed through our select potpourri of herbs and spices.

Health support is the inspiration behind our inaugural development of 7 unique blends that can be extended to hard teas or seltzers.


Our history began nearly 10 years ago when Hadong County, South Korea became sister cities with Yakima, Washington.  Few know Hadong County has been growing tea in “the Alps of Korea” for 1200 years.  It is also a little-known that Yakima Valley Region produces roughly 75% of all U.S. grown hops. 

At a 2019 “Sister City Summit” in Yakima, Washington, we were introduced to the efforts of John Segal (Segal Ranch) to create a unique hop breed that was low in alpha properties to reduce hops bitterness.  The intent was to create a blend of hops favorable to tea drinkers.  What we found was an under-discovered tea strain known as “Teamaker” and it is the base hops we use in all our hops tea blends.     

In 2020, we created our first trial of Teamaker hops simply using packaged hops cones as most hops producers had attempted in the past.  Then, we leveraged more traditional Korean methods for milling and fermenting tea that amplified tastes and presented a base for true hops tea blending.    

In 2021, we delivered our first commercial release of our private “K-Tea” brand of 7 unique hops-based tea blends that represent our product line today but the traditions of 1200 years of experience. 

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Teamaker Original

Teamaker Original – is not “a hops thrown in a bag” but a carefully milled blend of Teamaker hops that was specifically breed and selected for its low-alpha properties.  This reduces the bitterness that is often associated with attempts to make a hops-based blended tea.  We have added a breeze of lemongrass to our Teamaker original to further smooth the rugged taste of hops while maintaining integrity of our original blend.

Hops Health FactAtherosclerosis, often referred to as the hardening of the arteries, is a condition in which the accumulation of plaque inside an artery can lead to a heart attack or stroke.  Xanthohumol in hops is believed to have anti-restenotic effects, meaning that it can help relax blood vessels and improve blood circulation. Click here to read more..

blue moon

Blue Moon – was inspired by the orange zest associated with famous Belgian White Blue Moon Beer produced by Blue Moon Brewing.  You will find our Blue Moon Hops Tea has an orange creamsicle flavor that is accented by orange peel, lemon peel and a slight suggestion of licorice root.  This has been an instant hit among those who consider themselves “hops foodies”.

Hops Health FactAcids in the hops, called humulones and lupulones, have been shown to kill cancer cells and block leukemia cells from clinging to bone in petri dish experiments. They may also act as anti-inflammatory agents. Click here to read more..

chai spice

Chai Spice – is for the true tea enthusiast interested in our new tea innovation blending based on hops versus traditional green tea.  Aroma, spice sensation and “settled taste” parallels award winning Chai Teas originating from India.  We were discerning in synthesizing TeaMaker hops with ginger root, turmeric, cinnamon and, of course, cardamom pods to create this unique hop-based tea.

Hops Health FactGinger in chai is a must. No cup of chai will ever be perfect without ginger. Ginger root is commonly used for treating different types of nausea and vomiting. Herbal chai blends may be a better choice for upset stomach than black tea blends. Click here to read more..

mint refresher

Mint Refresh – was a hops tea created specifically to improve digestive functions and introduce IBS related relief.  Our unique Teamaker hops was combined with mint leaf, spearmint, and a breeze of rosemary to create a blend that surfaces a perfect dessert tea that can improve digestion and possibly reduce some symptoms of IBS. 

Hops Health FactMint hops tea may improve IBS through because of our peppermint oil blending.  Peppermint oil contains a compound called menthol, which is thought to help alleviate IBS symptoms through its relaxing effects on the muscles of the digestive tract.  A review of nine studies including over 700 patients with IBS found that taking peppermint oil capsules improved IBS symptoms significantly more than placebo capsules. Click here to read more..


Lemonesque – was a hops tea designed to support sleep hygiene and accentuate the natural citrus flavors found in hops.  We complimented our natural Teamaker hops with chamomile, valerian root and lavender to create the perfect balance that promotes and calming antioxidant and improved sleep health.  In combination with valerian and passionflower, Lemonesque may be an effective alternative to prescription sleep medicine.    

Hops Health FactEarly physicians observed that hops pickers tired very easily during the harvest and assumed that a sticky resin excreted by the cut plant caused this effect.  In recent years, scientists have confirmed that humulene and lupuline found in hops have mild sedative properties that may have applications in medicine. Click here to read more..

raspberry finesse

Raspberry Finesse – aligned our focus on support the health of women.  We accentuated the subtle taste of Teamaker with raspberry leaf, vitex berry, schisandra berry and blueberry to create an immediate explosion of tastes that subsides into gentle notes of berry flavor known for reducing nausea and improving sleep cycles.  Our recipe of Raspberry Finesse has also been known to relive some symptoms of menstrual discomfort.   

Hops Health Fact Raspberry leaves, found in our Raspberry Finesse, are a wonderful source of nutrition for women.  Being rich in potassium, magnesium, B-vitamins and iron, Raspberry Finesse is beneficial for the female reproductive system.  Women use raspberry leaves for heavy periods, painful periods, in preventing miscarriage, morning sickness associated with pregnancy and easing labor and delivery. Click here to read more..

tropical hops

Tropical Hops – is truly the “Hawaiian Punch” of hops tea!  The intent was to communicate a flavorful bouquet as tastes that could be presented with a hops base.  This blend included our TeaMaker hops with pineapple, honeybush, coconut and stevia leaf (that contains coconut tree leaf).  TeaMaker is my afternoon pickup tea that is a potpourri of tropical flavor wrapped with a subtle hint of hops.     

Hops Health FactIn neurodegenerative treatment, Hops extract (Xanthohumol) reduced brain damage and reduced the buildup of a protein believed to cause Alzheimer’s disease.  Because xanthohumol can block an enzyme involved in the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, it is suggested as a preventive therapeutic candidate. Click here to read more..

View Our Different Kinds of Hops teas

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