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Our tea is imported directly from the 3 tea-growing regions of South Korea,
Hadong, Boseong and Jeju.

Tea Quality

Do you know that there are four grades in Korean green tea?

  • Woojeon – First flush tea. Consists of top bud only or one bud one leaf depending on grade.
    Typically picked before Gokwoo (Korean Lunar Calendar date: 20 April).
  • Sejak – Second flush tea. Most likely one bud two leaves, picked after Gokwoo but before Ipha (Korean Lunar Calendar date: 5~6 May).
  • Jungjak – Third flush tea. Most likely three leaves of the tea plant. Picked in May.
  • Daejak – Final flush tea and typically consisting of leaves and stems. Picked late May to early June.
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Organic Korean Tea

Korea has an almost 2,000 year old history of tea production and tea culture.