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Cherry blossom Tea

Cherry blossom Tea


Taste Introduction:

Taste: Light, Floral, Cool

Yin Energy

An elegant flower known for its beauty in Japan, this flower makes a beautiful tea perfect to show guests. Cherry Blossoms symbolize clouds due to their beautiful blooms. Although Japan is known for the cherry blossom, there is also a native species in South Korea. The cherry blossom is only in bloom for 2 to 3 days near the end of March and early April. The cherry blossoms native to Korea are the largest and have the most luxurious among all other cherry blossoms. There are also some taxonomists who claim that the Korean King cherry blossom is the mother plant to the well-known Japanese yoshino cherry blossoms.

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Benefits of Cherry Blossom Tea

Helps with food poisoning and digestion

The rich Vitamin A, B, E content can help with digestion as well as relieve some symptoms of food poisoning. The vitamins in the cherry blossom tea can also help with symptoms of diabetes.

Anti-inflammatory benefits

The vitamins can also aid in lowering inflammation.

Aids in Skin Health

The vitamins in the cherry blossom help reduce the inflammation in the skin, which can improve the elasticity of the skin. Having the skin elasticity improve can help diminish fine wrinkles and sagging skin. The skin can also help relieve eczema symptoms.


*Although very effective, this tea cannot be a substitute for medication. Consumption of tea should be consulted with a licensed health care practitioner or physician if health concerns do exist.

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