Mint Dream

Mint Dream

Definite prescription for anyone with digestive pain or discomfort.  Mint has been found in pyramids as far back as 1000 B.C. and has since been used in numerous medicinal ointments, tinctures, and various consumable remedies.  Obviously, this tea maintains unique mint notes but is a coordinated marriage of peppermint and spearmint in along with the subtle hint of CBD that promotes gentle digestion and restful sleep.

CBD Tea Health Fact – Peppermint oils found in our Mint Kiss contain a compound called menthol, thought to help alleviate IBS symptoms through its relaxing effects on the muscles of the digestive tract.  One study found that 75% of patients who took peppermint oil for four weeks showed improvements in IBS symptoms, compared to 38% of the patients in the placebo group. Click here to read more..


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