Introduce Hadong, S.Korea

Introduce Hadong, S.Korea

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The tea cultivation area in the Hadong region is humid and foggy, affected by Seonjingang (Seomjin River) and Hwagaecheon in the vicinity. The moisture-rich soil and abundant amount of gravel boost the tea plantation’s production. .

“Nestled between the Seomjin river and Jiri mountain, Hadong is known for its stunning scenery. It also boasts a reputation for its peaceful, friendly, and rural atmosphere. Hadong is famous for its green tea, and holds a yearly green tea festival during May and June. Hadong’s popularity as a tourist destination continues to rise each year, and the local government plays an active role in attracting visitors.”

Hadong has long been considered a beautiful and refreshing rural area. While much of Korea has experienced an unprecedented explosion of industrial development, Hadong remains a popular destination for those who wish to escape the bustle of city living. Unfortunately, a lack of activity in the industrial sector has left the government with little incentive to expanding the sometimes inadequate existing road infrastructure. Recently, a petition for the allocation of funds for new road construction has been signed by a large number of Hadong residents.


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